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Young Women and County Line Activity

Date: Thursday, 19th Dec 2019 | Category: Uncategorized

Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Partnership in collaboration with Brighton’s VVE Coordinator are working with various groups to bring you up to date and relevant information and training around all aspects of Exploitation.

There are two more sessions looking at the involvement of young women with gang culture and county lines activity, have been organised. We would urge any staff who wish to increase their knowledge or who are working with adolescent young people to look at this offer and sign up via the Gateway. 

The dates arranged are – 24th January and also 24th March 2020

The training offer is presented by Abianda to develop and deliver a support service for young people who are vulnerable and caught up in county lines drug distribution networks.

Learning Outcomes

• To hear first hand testimony from young trainers with facilitated Q&A
• To gain an awareness of Policy and research context relevant to county line activity
• Understanding the various roles of young women play in county line activity and the subsequent risk and harm they experience
• Understanding how we proactively identify, respond to and engage with young women  involved in county line activity
• To provide an introduction to the practical tools that Abianda uses to engage and safeguard young women in the unique and complex context of county line activity