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Business Plan and Strategies

Our vision is that children and young people in Brighton & Hove live a life free from fear, harm, abuse, and exploitation, enabling every child in every part of the city to achieve their potential. As Brighton & Hove SCP we identified priorities to enable this vision, as set out in our Business Plan. The Strategic Plan 2020-2023 is under development.


BHSCP – Business Plan 2023-2026 – Oct 2023


Priority 1: Partnership Engagement and Accountability

Agency Lead: Brighton & Hove City Council

Priority 2: Safeguarding children from violence and exploitation

Agency Lead: Sussex Police

We must identify the extent of sexual harm, exploitation and violence towards children and to tackle it across all agencies to protect children. Conscious of the risks to children who are alone, we will pay particular attention to work with those who go missing from care, home and education.

Outcome for children: Children and young people in Brighton & Hove are protected from sexual harm and violence and exploitation.

See our CSA Strategy here

Priority 3: Reducing Neglect

Agency Lead: Brighton & Hove City Council

Outcome for children: Emerging problems and potential unmet needs are identified so that families and children receive the right support at the right time.

See our Threshold document here

See our Whole Family Working Strategy here

Priority 4: Mental Health and Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Agency Lead: Brighton & Hove City Clinical Commissioning Group

We must challenge each other and seek evidence of the effectiveness of all that we do to keep children and young people safe in Brighton & Hove.

Outcome for children: