Multi-Agency Training

You can view our full Multi-agency Training Programme (2019-2020) here.


Upcoming Training and Events

Working Together in Child Protection: 1 – Developing a Core Understanding

Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 14-1-20, 10-3-20
Time: 9.30 – 4.30

Working Together in Child Protection: 2 – Assessment, Referral & Investigation Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 23-1-20, 17-3-20, 07-05-20
Time: 9.30 – 4.30
Working Together in Child Protection: 3 – Conferences & Core Groups Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 4-2-20, 24-3-20, 14-05-20
Time: 9.30 – 4.30
Domestic Violence & Abuse: The Impact on Children & Young People

Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 5-3-20, 05-05-20, 07-07-20
Time: 9.30 – 4.30

Enabling & Supporting Compliance: Working with Disguised Compliance and Forceful Counter Argument in Safeguarding Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 28-04-20, 20-10-20.
Time: 9.30 – 4.30
Mental Health & Children’s Services: Working Together with Families Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 04-06-20
Time: 09.30 – 4.30
Safeguarding Adolescents Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 18-06-20, 01-12-20
Time: 9.30 – 4.30
Trauma Informed Practice: a Multi-Agency Approach

Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 16-1-20, 26-3-20
Time: Full Day

Exploitation of Children & Young People (Day 1)

Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 21-1-20, 31-3-20, 02-06-20
Time: Full Day

Working with Young People at Risk of Exploitation (Day 2) Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 6-2-2020, 02-07-20, 04-02-21
Time: Full Day
The Impact of Parental Substance Misuse
Location: TBC
Dates: 28-1-20, 09-07-20, 27-01-21
Time: 9.30 -4.30
Child Neglect Training
Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 13-2-2020, 09-06-20, 17-09-20
Time: Full Day
Hidden Children & Young People: Working with Invisible Families
Location: TBC
Dates: 3-3-2020, 10-02-21
Time: Full Day 
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities
Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 19-3-2020, 18-03-21
Time: 9.30 – 4.30
 Young Women and County Line Activity Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 24/01/20, 24/03/20.
Time: 10.00 – 4.30
Gangs, Youth Violence, Knives and Criminal Exploitation Awareness Training Location: Brighton & Hove
Dates: 14/02/20, 18/02/20, 21/02/20, 06/03/20, 09/03/20.
Time: Half Day Event


To book a place on our Safeguarding Training, click here to access the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway.

Council staff are able to use a single sign on which means they have no extra passwords to remember. Staff from other partner agencies and the community & voluntary sector can quickly create an account here.

For support or enquiries about using the learning gateway please call 01273 291460 or email

Charging Policy

Course Fees:

Training is free for Children’s Services staff, school staff, foster carers, CVS groups, BHCC contracted organisations in Children’s Services, statutory health organisations, police and probation and all early years (including private early years) who are working in Brighton & Hove.

Private organisations, including independent schools and academies, and those working outside the city – £120.

Invoices will be sent to the manager/person dealing with accounts after the course has been delivered.

Non-attendance and Late Cancellation Charges:

For all full day courses, and selected briefing sessions, a cancellation charge of £50 will be made for non-attendance without 5 working days notice. Please note that substitution of staff at late notice is acceptable.

Cancellation notification can be made through the Learning Gateway.

If you are not able to attend a session at late notice due to an emergency situation, please ask your line manager to notify, on the day of the training, to explain the reason why, as we may be able to waive this fee in exceptional circumstances.