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CSPR and Local Learning Briefings

When a child dies or is seriously harmed from known or suspected abuse or neglect, we have a statutory requirement to carry out a Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR), formally known as a Serious Case Review (SCR). If the criteria for a CSPR is not met, but our Case Review Group believe that an investigation of a case may reveal important lessons that could improve safeguarding practice in Brighton & Hove, then the BHSCP will commission a Learning Review.

Our CSPR and local learning briefings are designed to make frontline staff and managers aware of the recommendations and key learning points that have come out of CSPRs and Learning Reviews. The aim of this is to help to improve local practice to keep children safe.

We would encourage you to discuss these in your staff or business planning meetings. We always welcome feedback – please do email any comments to


CSPR (SCR) Briefings

Sibling W&X – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove SCR: July 2017.
Key issues: Working with trauma, high risk adolescents, children vulnerable to exploitation, and with minority ethnic groups.

Child A – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove SCR: June 2017.
Key issues: Residential Placements, transition towards greater independence, therapeutic support.

Child E – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove SCR: September 2016.
Key issues: Family & Friends Carers, the role of the non-primary carer, communication between agencies.

Baby Liam – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove SCR: October 2015.
Key issues: Supporting Care Leavers, Non Accidental Injury, assessing fathers/partners.


Learning Review Briefings

Baby Liam – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove Learning Review: January 2019.
Key issues: Professional persistence, Consideration of fathers/secondary carers, information sharing regarding domestic abuse.

Neglect – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing
Brighton & Hove Learning Review, 2016.
Key issues: Domestic Violence & Abuse, use of interpreters, managing complex cases.

Child G – ‘Learning Together’ Briefing 
Brighton & Hove Learning Review, 2014.
Key issues: Using historical information to assess risk, Unexpected Child Death Protocol, temporary residents.

For more information about these Learning Reviews, see our Local Learning Reviews page.