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On-Line or Off-Line

Date: Monday, 08th Jun 2020 | Category: General, Training

This is the start of another week of “lock-down”

Some restrictions have been eased, this does not mean that the potential risks to children and young people have reduced.

They may have in fact increased.

Many of our young people have been able to return to school, in some form or another.

So they are able to interact with friends in the real world for the first time in weeks.

This may also increase the use of the internet as they start to interact with those people they haven’t seen for weeks.

And for those young people who have not got back into any routine, then the internet may still be their only exit from being stuck in doors for hours on end.

For parents and carers now juggling with which child is in or out of school.

And for those left at home, while a parent or carer does the school run, it might be the time to look at something they wouldn’t normally, just because they can.

We all need to remain aware and vigilant – “See Something – Say Something“, will remain the message for the foreseeable future.

There are various resources available for young people to use.

For parents who want to gain an understanding, there are also downloads and advice available.

For safeguarding staff, we are also now able to offer an on-line training via ours colleagues at Safety Net.

Check the Learning Gateway for how to book.

Sitting for hours on a computer can also have it’s effect on a young persons mental health, so there is also support available for parents to deal with this.

Children and young people, live a large amount of their life On-Line, so try to get them to engage with life Off-Line.

Now we are allowed to see more than one person, and can walk outside without limit.

Try to encourage our children and young people to walk with you and talk with you.

“Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility”

If you have a concern, then tell someone.

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