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Hidden Neglect

Date: Monday, 07th Sep 2020 | Category: Uncategorized

As the summer comes towards the end and we start thinking about school returns and autumn evenings.

In the panic of last minute haircuts, shoe fitting and finding that elusive piece of uniform.

As the result of trying to sort out which days, which child is going to school, for which bit of the day and for how long.

It would be easy to miss the child that hasn’t come back.

Are you living next door to the family, who’s children are still at home, even though the children on the other-side, who go to the same school, have gone back.

Now more than ever, we need people, professionals and parents to stay alert, to those little niggles or concerns you have about a child.

Don’t let the child next door to you be one, we read about in a months time.

“See Something – Say Something”

We should all think about Neglect, and how it may be hidden by those trying to hide, that they too are struggling.

It will not always be a deliberate act.

As a result of COVID, families we did not think were unable to cope are the ones that slip under the radar.

We must all think the impossible, that “the nice family” next door, might the one’s that need more help in these strange times.

“Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility”

So lets all look out for the signs, how ever small, that a family might need help.

Ask the question – don’t assume they will ask for help, maybe they need the encouragement to pick up the phone.

As a result we can make sure that they don’t stay “HIDDEN”