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Brew Monday

Date: Monday, 18th Jan 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Today is the day to put the kettle on and talk to each other.

The Samaritans have called it “Brew Monday”

As a result, why don’t all safeguarding professionals do the same?

Take time to check out with a colleague, friend or parent that you work with, just how they are today.

Could they do with help on a particular case, on their heavy workload?

Do parents still need to be referred for support via “triple P”

Is that parent struggling with a new born, or small baby?

Then get them to talk to someone about the ICON project.

Whatever the issue may be, take the time today, to talk to somebody about it.

Find a way through the problem ( a problem shared).

If you have any concerns that a family or a colleague are not coping, get them to talk to you or an inline manager.

Let not struggle alone, if you “See Something – Say Something” , whether it is a child protection concern or a worry about how someone is coping.

Together we can safeguard the families we work with, and also by talking we can look after each other, while we do.