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Don’t Forget the Dad’s

Date: Tuesday, 18th May 2021 | Category: General, ICON

As we move into a stage of less restrictions, with more people returning to work.

Let’s think for a moment how “lockdown” has been for the fathers and male carers we work with.

Many of us will have grown up with a father who struggled to say “how he felt”

Listen to this song and see if resonates with you, could it be the same for fathers and male carers ?

Was it a generational thing ?

As a result there are times when as safeguarding practitioners, we didn’t always consider to ask the “other carer” how things were for them.

The male/secondary carer was often away from the home, working in the hour’s we would visit.

Would it make sense to ask them how they see their role going forward ?

There is a useful report that you could read and share with the families you work with.

It may also be good to take a look and share a video that is available.

A full copy of the report is also useful if you have the time.

As you go in and out of home visits, do you ask to have time with both parents/carers ?

If you have a concern about one of them, can you talk to the other ?

If you have a concern that relates to a child protection issue, are you confident to report it ?

As a professional or parent, you have a huge amount of knowledge and if you have a concern, talk to a colleague.

Never “sit on ” a concern, (it could just be a feeling),  always talk about it.

If you “See Something – Say Something”

Safeguarding is Everybody’s Business