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A Cold Day in July

Date: Wednesday, 07th Jul 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

As we move swiftly towards the Summer Holidays, ( the weather would not give that away), we have to think what does mean for Safeguarding.

The Covid pandemic has seen the most difficult times for all safeguarding partners.

As a result, it has been really difficult to maintain contact and continuity of service.

Hopefully on the 19th July, things will start to ease.

It should become possible to meet and have contact with far more people.

However that , for a lot of the young people we work with will still cause confusion, stress and anxiousness.

Concerns about adolescent and child mental health issues have escalated during the pandemic and there are some interesting POD casts that you can listen too.

There have also been worries around the lack of attendance by some students, the effects on their long term education and how this can be addressed.

Sometimes we just need a few minutes to think about a new plan, so as you sit on a damp and cold July day, listen to a song to lift your mood.

And maybe thinking about something else will give times a new thought to slide in and help you find another way of working.

Remember Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility, so there are others out there that can help, talk your colleagues.

“If you See Something – Say Something”