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Child Sexual Abuse

Date: Wednesday, 04th Aug 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Child Sexual Abuse is still very much a significant feature of the abuse that is reported.

In Sussex we still still need to recognise this and look to ways of reducing this type of abuse.

With young people now on holidays, we will all see groups of youngsters around the city and locations we live.

Just like us, when we were that age, they will be looking for things to do and the potential to try out things, egged on by friends and peer’s.

As a result there will also be those young people who get drawn into situations, they cannot control.

These can be face to face or via the internet.

It is our responsibility as professionals and parents to help.

To do this, we may need to make sure we are up to date with all the services and support available.

Locally in Brighton and Hove we have a various services and training opportunities that can accessed.

Take a look at the “9 Minute Briefing ” for staff, it can be found in the Professionals Section of the website. ( you will need to ask for a password)

There are also reports from the NSPCC and the “truth” project where young people have provided their own experiences.

This summer there is also a large campaign around supporting young people to report abuse.

There is also a wide range of support for parents and carers.

So we all have an important part to play and if you  “SEE SOMETHING _ SAY SOMETHING”