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“Safe” cation

Date: Wednesday, 04th Aug 2021 | Category: General, Training, Uncategorized

The school holidays have arrived, and although many may brave the restrictions and see where we can go that is Green, Amber or Red this week.

For a lot of us, we will be staying closer to home.

Therefore families will have to consider, what to do to amuse the children, how much it might cost, and can they afford it?

As a result, they will need help and advice on finding cheaper alternatives.

Summer groups and activities run by local organisations maybe one way, to avoid the stress of funding things to do.

Listen to the information in this short video which is supported by Marcus Rashford.

If the weather stays hot, there is also lots of advice for parents around keeping small children cool and safe.

There is also a Safer Sleeping briefing that you could use or share around, especially with new young parents.

Remember there is also the ICON project with lot’s of help and guidance around coping with a small crying baby.


Children and young people may also find comfort in retreating into the world on-line.

Lets try and keep them safe there as well.

So for safeguarding professional or parents there is again help.

If the young person you work with asks for somewhere look or ask, then there is support as well.

Even if the child is younger, there are still materials you can access that are age appropriate.

Take moment to check out these various clips, form a range called “Jessie and Friends”

They can be found via the “Think you Know” site

So remember, we all have responsibility yo look after children and young people.