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It’s Ok to talk about Mental Health

Date: Monday, 18th Oct 2021 | Category: General, Training

World Mental Health was on the 10th October 2021.

Locally, we also need to tell ourselves that we need to talk about mental health.

If living through a pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we need to recognise and talk about how we feel.

As Safeguarding Professionals, we need to see this as a positive, for both us and the young people and families we work with.

While it not always easy to get support, either locally or nationally.

There is advice and assistance that both you and the people you work with can access.

Childline and the NSPCC remain at the forefront of offering help.

As result, they have produced a new campaign, encouraging young people to talk to them.

There are a set of videos and posters that can be accessed, that are aimed at children from primary to secondary age.

These look at, body image, sexuality, friendships, bullying and much more.

They reinforce the message that it is “tough to talk”

Another set of videos , look at relationships, and how they could be unhealthy.

There is also a new report from UNICEF “On my Mind” is an interesting read.

There is also a report from the Centre for Mental Health, looking at the issues for young female who are subject of care or the youth justice system.

If you are working with young parents, you could also read this report, which looks at how COVID and recovering from it has impacted on parents/carers.

Remember we all have a responsibility when it comes to safeguarding.

If you “See Something – Say Something”