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Fabricated – Induced – Illness

Date: Wednesday, 08th Dec 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Fabricated – just by the very name, it asks the question “is it real”?

The answer is YES, not only to the child or young person it is being done too.

But also it is likely the perpetrator believes that their child is Ill.

in 2021 new guidance provides, procedures for safeguarding children who present with PP or FII and best practice advice in the medical management of these cases to minimise harm to children.


Parents or carers can display a wide range of symptoms and behaviours while seeking healthcare for a child.

  • persuades healthcare professionals that their child is ill when they’re healthy
  • exaggerates or lies about their child’s symptoms
  • manipulates test results to suggest the presence of illness, for example, by putting glucose in urine samples to suggest the child has diabetes
  • deliberately induces symptoms of illness, for example, by poisoning their child with unnecessary medicine or other substances.

It is less common for parents to cause extreme injury or poisoning, but as recent events have shown us, (Arthur Labinjo-Hughes), we cannot rule this out.

As a result, Safeguarding Professionals should always consider the family history.

Is there a previous child death ?

Have Parents a history of using substances ?

Do they have a history of self harming?

Are parents claiming disability benefit for the child/children?

Locally we are trying to increase awareness, by using training provided by the designated Doctor for Brighton and Hove and West Sussex .

To book on to this, use the Learning Gateway.

As always – if there is an immediate risk to a child call 999.