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Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Date: Thursday, 09th Dec 2021 | Category: General, Training

In 2021 reports for Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation have increased by around 36% against the same period for last year.

As a result we must all be far more aware and look to how we both recognise this and then investigate and support, children and young people.

We need to make sure that if they have the courage to come forward and tell someone, that they get the right service.

Nationally there has been a review of how services are working together.

There is research around the signs and indicators.

The NSPCC have also produced materials to assist.

The Police have also recognised that those suffering from this type of abuse “must be heard”

Locally we are currently looking at the Child Sexual Abuse Strategy.

The Multi-Agency Training offer has also been re-written and will go live early in the new year.

There is also an interesting piece of research around how technology can be involved in Sexually Harmful Behaviours

With a POD Cast available to listen too.