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Our thresholds document and associated guidance help to explain the different levels of support that a family may require. The guidance covers the expectations and statutory duties for all agencies to work together to safeguard and protect children, and to take measures to ensure that all agencies are working to offer Early Help to prevent matters from getting worse for a child or their family.

Helping Children and Families, Threshold Document

Interactive Online Thresholds Framework which contains more information and links to further support and guidance.

The framework can also be printed as an A3 poster for quick reference


The needs of children and their families do not always easily fit into a category or a tick box. A child’s circumstances can change quickly and a child may move across the levels of need dependent on a number of different variables. Making a judgement about the level of need is not an exact science, but our Threshold Document seeks to provide a degree of clarity and guidance to support a consistent understanding and application of thresholds.


Mental Health Threshold Document

The Brighton and Hove Helping Children and Young People Mental Health Threshold Framework