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Exploitation of Children and Young People.

Date: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 | Category: General, Training, Uncategorized

Exploitation is still happening.

We all have our part to play “Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility“.

The children and young people are still being contacted and potentially put at risk of exploitation.

The contact maybe via the internet, telephone or social media. In some cases it will still be face to face contact.

They can be frightened to tell the people they live with and may have been threatened not too.

There are services you can ask for help, both locally and nationally.

Remember that some of the behaviours shown by young people are the normal things they should be doing, but if they have suddenly become more secretive about who they are seeing or talking to.

You may also notice some of these behaviours or changes in the way they present:

  • They may have been given expensive presents or have a large amount of cash.
  • Have you seen them hiding an injury?
  • Have there been cars or bikes in the street, outside your address ?
  • Has unusual post arrived at your address, addressed to your child ?

Maybe it is nothing, but if it is making you concerned seek help or advice from a safeguarding professional.

See something – Say something

Contact – Front Door for Families – 01273 290400. ( or  visit the links below –

Sussex Police (This link works)


Safety Net

Contextual Safeguarding



In an emergency always call 999 asking for the police

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