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Mama-Mia – here we go again

Date: Thursday, 07th Jan 2021 | Category: COVID-19, General

As the new year begins, there was a thought that things might be looking better.

And there is light at the end of the tunnel, although that tunnel may have just got a little longer.

As the result of a new national lockdown, we once again need everyone to be the eyes and ears of safeguarding.

As front line staff or parents if you “See Something – say Something”  

A teenage boy looking at a computer screen with headphones on. the room is dark and the computer says 'are you worried about a child online? if you see something... say something'

Children who would have been back in the school, college or university environment are once again confined to home.

Parents and carers who thought they were going back to work, are once again advised not too.

This could potentially lead to a “Rise” in tensions and arguments escalating, and having an effect on everyone.

Even as we advise families to “Stay at Home”, we know that they may in fact need someone to call.

Helpline services continue to be there for support and advice.

We need to be “Wise” to the fact that young people may also be susceptible to exploitation, and encourage them to consider carefully their use of social media and the internet.